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China Well-Known Trade Mark ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System China TOP 500 Chemical Industry Enterprise

Shindoo owns a complete industry chain from salt to soda & ammonium chloride and compound fertilize and is endowed with both advantages in resources and cost-control.

Yingcheng City,in Hubei Province,enjoying the reputation of Capital of Gypsum & Sea of Salt,covers a mineral area of 140 square kilometre with 7.4 billion tons of salt reserves,and boasts its high-purity rock salt in China.

Shindoo covers an area of 1.84 square kilometre with estimated 50 million tons of salt reserves.Annual supply of 800,000 tons salt may be guaranteed upon completion of new-round technology improvement.

Wet salt supply from salt plant to soda one by upper-air transmission belt,no drying procession and relevant cost, this helps Shindoo make the most of powder salt and obvious annual benefit of more than USD 5 millions in relations with synergistic effect resulted from salt-soda integrated prodution line,simultaneously,integrated salt-soda-fertilizer prodcution chain helps lessen fixed assets costs,save relevent administration charges and minimize package & transhipment costs.

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